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mappa 3It is during the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the Federation of Associations of the Marche in Switzerland (FAMIS), founded in Olten in 1976, held in November 2006 in the beautiful town of Rapperswil, which has sprung the idea of gathering the testimonies of the Marches in Switzerland and secure them on a virtual brochure, which serve as a reference to those who would like to know their stories.

Although the thirty-year history of associations Marche in Switzerland may not be the exhaustive reconstruction of the life of all the Marches who have lived and worked for their growth, to their wellbeing and to that of this country and hence also to their land origin: Marche.
In fact it dates back to the past centuries the presence of Marche in Switzerland. Find again the traces is certainly not what wealthy and the more it is not for us. We felt it was still important groped to reconstruct the story of the last thirty years through our associations and of those who have animated, because the individual personal stories and associations, often disappear forever with their protagonists and, later, by collective memories.

Many important players Marche associations in Switzerland have now left this world. Some are mentioned in this paper: Streamers, Frateschi, Bittoni, Torresi. Others, that nonetheless remain in our memories : Catani, Brescini, Renzi, Gostoli, Mengarelli, Galli, Trademarks, Guidarelli, Brozzesi and others who have escaped from the memories (at least mine, I hope you will forgive me).

To all, together with their family, we extend a warm thanks and a heartfelt remembrance for their selfless work and to have animated the associations of the Marches in Switzerland and helped keep the ties between us and our region, to pass on to our children the our culture.


This writing of the history of the Marches in Switzerland wants to be a beginning that will be supplemented by other evidence and documents which we hope many especially outside the circle of associations that basically it is the largest part of the Marches in Switzerland.

The setting on line of this site,, wants to be a new instrument allowing a wider knowledge of our associations, their activities and the possibility of dialogue between the Marche abroad in the region, with our institutions, and encourage young people to ensure the continuity of our partnerships. Just get treatment and take part in its improvement.

Giovanni Paggi


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